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The Orange Honey Salted Cake:

In this, orange honey salted cake we can feel the orange-infused cake with a bit salted honey custard, with honey buttercream & decorated with a gorgeous petal piping.  A new recipe from our CakePlusGift

Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad:

Hello everyone! It has been a long-time we have added a new recipe in our CookBook & we are back today to share one of our delicious cake’s recipe during this lockdown from our cookbook. We bake and sell all kind of decorate desserts from cakes to pies, we do sell the Flowers & Gift, throughout Hyderabad. Our book consists full of beautiful and delicious recipes.


Let’s see why this Orange Honey Salted Cake has quickly become an early favourite to the people. First, we would likely talk about the title; the title is so enticing & the decoration is perfect for any occasion. We carefully create the cake by all fresh ingredients like by rubbing fresh orange zest straight into the sugar of the cake batter, the citrus oils fragrance the cake with a wonderful zesty, slightly the flavour of floral. The buttercream substitutes have half of the sugar from our buttercream with honey. The outcome of a real honey flavour without being overly sweet, but the salt in the filling custard gives an additional taste to the entire cake.

Coming to the petal piping it is so fun and I’ve scaled the formula up to serve more visitors. Doesn’t it look prepared to party? The structure may appear to be mind-boggling, yet I guarantee it is simpler to make than you may think. Be sure that always face the narrow end of the piping tip where you want the rounded edge of the petal to be downwards for the sides and away from the centre of the top.

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